Stop Worrying Start Living (Sankrashan PG)

Stop Worrying Start Living (Sankrashan PG)

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What is implied by the title of this book - “Stopworrying and start living”? The author His Grace Sankarshan Das Adhikariexplains, what it implies is, that in our present state, we are worrying; weare not living. Another implication is that if you worry, you are dead! Truelife means without worries.

An intelligent person actually analyses, “Why am Isuffering?” He is in a better position than the person who thinks he is happy.In other words, the person who is in the state of illusory happiness - that isthe worst state. That is the lowest state of consciousness you can have.Someone who realizes, “Hey, I’m suffering here. Why am I suffering?”- is in ahigher state of consciousness. Even though he is tortured by his anxieties, heis seeking a way out of them. So his position is better. He realizes thismaterial world is a suffering position and is looking for the answers.

That person who thinks he is happy…. Of course,his happiness is fully dependent on all these material conditions. As soon ashe loses his job, he is in complete anxiety. He thinks, “I have a job. I havemoney. I have my material sense gratification. Therefore, I am happy”. But thathappiness is based on a temporary situation which can be finished at anyminute. The person who realizes that this temporary happiness is useless, it’sa facade, it’s not real, is in a better position. Because that person can thenseek out, “What is the actual means of happiness? What is the actual state?”

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