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Review by HG Govindraj Krishna Das resident of USA


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Hari Bhakti Das


Senior IT Professional


Recently bought ‘Srimad Bhagwatam Canto-1’ by ‘Aruddha Devi Dasi’  book for my 12 years old daughter. She is finding it very interesting specially activities. It is one of best book for young readers.

Deenbandhu Das

Deenbandhu Das




Hare Krishna . I had the privilege of reading a book titled Sri Jagannath Puri The Reservoir of Divine Love authored by your esteemed self. Took 16 days to read. Very informative and educative. Narrated brilliantly. Sights I have visited started floating in front of me. Visited twice. After reading I am inspired to visit third time. “Keep Up the Good Work”

Shrishti Majumdar

Shrishti Majumdar



Operations Manager

Hare Krishna . My family was searching for good quality of ghee in order to serve our lordships, we tried so many popular brands but all of those products were full of chemicals, we saw gaunidhi advertisement on Facebook and then ordered it . I must say that it’s really amazing that we got such pure ghee without any chemicals, packaging was also really good,it’s actually good in taste, aroma, texture. I’m sure whoever will try this ghee once they will purchase it again & again. I’m very happy with overall quality and delivery also

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Bhavya Bhagavān Dās


Associate Consultant , Infosys


Hare Krishna .I would like to congratulate Golden Age Media on completing 10 glorious years. They are very steadfast in printing books which are bound to elevate the consciousness of anyone who reads their books. I really appreciate their efforts in making available all our predecessor acharyas book within ISKCON, not only that they have made available the books of HH Tamal Krsna Maharaj, HH Satsvarupa Maharaj and HH Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj for the Indian audience which is also praise worthy. I’m thankful to HG Sarvasakshi Prabhuji and his team for compiling so many wonderful books. My gratitude to my friend, HG Nanda Gopal Jivana Prabhuji also who tirelessly works around the clock for providing us with these nectarean books

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