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Sri Krishna- Vaastavik Sukh ke Ashrayasthal (Hindi) Paper Back


Sri Jagannath Puri (Hindi) Hardbound

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Haridasvarya Sri Govardhan(Hindi) Hard Bound


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There is also a view of Śrī Govardhana that he is the best of the devotees (dāsas) of the Lord. For this reason Shrimati Radharani herself addresses Govardhan as ‘Haridasvarya’ i.e. he is the best of the servants of Hari, because Govardhan not only serves Sri Hari but also his loved ones (cows, cowherd boys, gopis etc.) Are. For this reason, Acharyagana inspires us to ‘Goverdhanashraya’ to attain Krishna’s feet or to awaken attachment towards Krishna. Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami says that Govardhana is the gateway to the service of Radha-Krishna. By daily darshan, touch, praise, service of Giriraj, special divine affection for Krishna awakens in the heart of the seeker.

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2 reviews for Haridasvarya Sri Govardhan(Hindi) Hard Bound

  1. Harpreet singh

    “Haridasvarya Sri Govardhan” by Sarvasakshi Dasa is a captivating and spiritually enriching book that delves into the sacred significance of Sri Govardhan, a revered site in Hinduism. Sarvasakshi Dasa’s meticulous research and deep insights provide readers with a profound understanding of the spiritual essence of Govardhan Hill and its connection to Lord Krishna. The book beautifully captures the devotion and reverence associated with this sacred place, making it a must-read for Krishna devotees and anyone interested in Indian spirituality and pilgrimage.

  2. Suman Pandey

    Haridasvarya Sri Govardhan (Hindi) Hard Bound book is beautifully written and provides an in-depth look into the life and teachings of this revered spiritual master. It also offers insight into the various philosophies and religions of India that he was associated with. Additionally, the book includes a collection of stories, poems, and hymns from Haridasvarya Sri Govardhan himself. it is a worth for Purchase book

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