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In this material world, there is no comparison to a mother’s love, for a mother loves her child without any expectation of return. When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love available in the material realm. This is love at first sight, from the moment you open your eyes. Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the best one. A mother’s love is a treasure, lying deep in the core of our heart and we know It will always be there to comfort us. Some one has rightly said, “A mother’s love begins before the child is born and lasts through time and difficulties and differences and many wounds and days of joy and days of sorrow, winding, wearing weeping, sharing,changing until, at the end what remains is that solid core that began as love before the child was born.

This love is found universally and transcends all barriers of time, space and species. From a tiny ant to a gigantic elephant, everyone loves their babies. There are documented cases where animal mothers have died of heartbreak after losing their babies. How could philosophers like Rene Descartes believe that “animals, fack a mind and act and interact through passions only and they are, in short, organic automata (machines), much more splendid than artificial ones, but machines nonetheless.” Descartes is supposed to be ‘the father of modern philosophy and he gave humanity the sanction to act with impunity. Descartes and his followers performed experiments in which they nailed animals by their paws onto boards and cut them open to reveal their beating hearts. They burned, scalded, and mutilated animals in every conceivable manner. When the animals reacted as though they were suffering pain, Descartes dismissed the reaction as no different from the sound of a machine that was functioning improperly. A crying dog, Descartes maintained, is no different from a whining gear that needs oll.

Four centuries later, Rene Descartes still exerts influence. While most contemporary scientists concede that animals can feel pain, their pain, so it is argued, is not quite like ours. Thus, the giant meat industrial complex and testing laboratories are able to continue with impunity.

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