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A Heart Beats In Us


To Kill Cow Means To End Human Civilization

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Cow And Humanity – Made For Each Other


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Cow And Humanity – Made For Each Other – We have one planet to live on and all our needs have to be satisfied with whatever is in here. We can not import a thing from other planets for our survival, no matter how much we advertise our dubious moon missions by getting worthless rocks and blowing billions.
This senseless exploitation of resources can not go on forever. This cradle to grave economics in which we turn every natural resource into a toxic waste is inherently self- destructive because in nature, there is no such thing as waste. So called waste generated by one living being is effectively utilized by another and so on until nothing is left over. This is called the cycle of life. But today our linear system of living which is immensely destructive has replaced this natural cyclical system.

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1 review for Cow And Humanity – Made For Each Other

  1. Ganesh Tripathy

    The book Cow and Humanity – Made for Each Other begins by explaining the history and mythology of cows in India, and how they are considered sacred in Hinduism. It also touches upon various aspects of cows, such as their biological, economic and religious importance. Dr. Modi then discusses the various laws and regulations related to cows in India.

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