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Dwadash Alwar(Hindi) Paper Back


Grihasta Jivan ka Vastavik Arth (Hindi) Paper Back

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Dwaraka – Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar (Hindi) Paper Back


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Dwaraka – Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar

In Kali- yuga, those who visit the beautiful city of Kṛṣṇa are the best of men. Endowed with hundreds of crores of families they attain the abode of Hari Those who meditate on their journey to Dvārakā with their attitude Their sins committed in thousands of previous lives are dissolved. ‘In Kalikal, those advanced people who travel to the beautiful city of Dwarka of Lord Shri Krishna, they attain Vaikuntha along with their crores of clans. Those who only think about the Dwarka Yatra in their mind, all their previous birth sins are destroyed.’ (Skandapurana 7.4.62-63)

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3 reviews for Dwaraka – Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar (Hindi) Paper Back

  1. Harpreet singh

    “Dwaraka: Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar” by Sarvasakshi Dasa is an insightful and spiritually enriching book that explores the divine significance of Dwaraka, a place deeply associated with Lord Krishna. Sarvasakshi Dasa’s meticulous research and profound insights provide readers with a deep understanding of the spiritual and historical aspects of Dwaraka. The book beautifully captures the essence of this sacred place and its connection to Lord Krishna’s divine pastimes, making it a valuable read for Krishna devotees and those interested in Indian spirituality and pilgrimage.

  2. vaishali bisht

    Dwaraka: Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar (Hindi) Paper Back: I loved reading the whole book. It contains a lot of information on Dwaraka and its relevance to Lord Krishna.

  3. Ravi Teja

    Dwaraka-Vaikuntha Ka Pravesh Dwaar (Hindi) Paper back book is filled with fascinating stories and provides a fascinating insight into the ancient city. I would definitely recommend it.

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