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Śrī Prema Vivarta (Hindi)

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Have Mercy, We have Feelings Too


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Lack of empathy, guilt or remorse are the hallmark traits of the common man today. It means that they can do practically anything, and then act as if nothing as happened. Lack of empathy is the most telling narcissistic trait you can easily find in the people around you. According to a new research, young people today are significantly more narcissistic than during the 1980s and 1990s. We are in the middle of a narcissism epidemic.
The narcissist lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. “Narcissists do not consider the pain they inflict on others; nor do they give any credence to others’ perceptions,” says Dr. Les Carter in the book Enough of You, Let’s Talk About Me. “They simply do not care about thoughts and feelings that conflict with their own.” Do not expect them to listen, validate, understand, or support you.

Professor Twenge and Campbell analysed data from 15,000 American college students who responded to the Narcissistic Personality survey in 2006. They found that there was a relationship between the birth year of the people filling out the scale and their narcissism score, and those narcissism scores were significantly higher in the  2000s than they were in the 1980s and 1990s.

This state of mind gets reflected in our dealings, not only with each other, but with our natural world as well. We are we living in an increasingly violent society and violence against animals is on the rise. Animal abusers don’t always stop there — they hurt people tooHorrific examples of cruelty to animals include a rabbit dying in agony after being microwaved and a cat who had been run over die after being kicked like a football by a passer-by instead of being helped.
Our society is headed for self destruction if we don’t work on preserving its moral and ethical foundation.

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